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This section lists a sample of some of our team's consulting and training experience, as well as some of the target audiences involved.

A. Group Facilitation, Assessment, and Change Management Projects

  • Teambuilding: Consulting team, marketing unit, operations staff, Labor-Management partnerships, information technology management teams, etc.

  • Organizational Assessment and Redesign: Cross-functional federal agency management team

  • Strategic Planning: Information technology management teams, government executives and Labor leaders, Academic advisory board, etc.

  • Organizational Survey Follow-Up: Variety of units in financial services and manufacturing firms

  • Competency Analysis Studies: Managers, supervisors, administrative staff, skilled craftsmen, etc. 

  • Managing Diversity: Financial services staff, African-American executives, etc. 

  • Organizational Assessment and Development: Emerging information technology firms, public transit, Labor-Management partnerships, large law firms, religious institutions

  • Organizational Communication Processes: Large federal organization 

B. Training and Development Engagements

  • Organizational Assessment and Development

  • Effective Organizational Assessment: ​Leadership team of  a large teacher's union

  • Techniques for Facilitating Organizational Change: Employees in a federal agency

  • Consulting in Organizations: Federal agency and information technology employees

  • Using Survey Results to Change Your Organization: Managers and HR professionals

  • Leadership/Management

  • Strategic People Management: CEO's of small and medium sized businesses

  • Doing More with Less: Over 1000 federal managers and supervisors

  • Personnel Selection for Line Mangers: Information technology mangers 

  • Leadership Training: Team leaders in a manufacturing plant

  • Leadership Principles and Practices: Municipal government mangers

  • Leading Effective Teams: Municipal government managers

  • Fundamentals of Project Management: Municipal managers and federal government staff

  • Performance Management: Municipal government managers

  • Introduction to Supervision: Federal agency staff

  • Effective Coaching and Feedback: Federal agency managers 

  • Workforce Diversity

  • Workforce Diversity: Importance and Effects: Managers and executives at a fortune 500 information technology company

  • Managing Diversity and EEO/Sexual Harassment Workshops: Municipal mangers and supervisors 

  • Managing Intolerant and or Discriminatory Behavior: Federal managers and military officers

  • Using Surveys in Managing Diversity Initiatives: Managers and HR professionals 

  • Conflict Across Cultures: Managers, attorneys, and other government staff

  • Managing Diversity and Organizational Realities: Managers and consultants

  • Conflict Management

  • Managing Conflict in an Environment of Change: Civilian managers and naval officers 

  • Conflict Across Cultures: Mangers, attorneys, and other government staff

  • Effectively Managing Anger and Conflict: Front-line customer service staff at an urban college 

  • Customer Service

  • Effective Customer Service: Employees of a major metropolitan transit authority

  • Effectively Implementing an ISO9002 Quality System: Information technology staff

  • Assessing Customer Service Orientation: Human resources staff

  • Customer Service in an Information Technology Environment: Information technology professionals

  • Leadership Simulation and Coaching Experience

In addition to the above development and or delivery of training courses, our team also possesses extensive experience in using complex simulations to develop leadership capabilities, as well as extensive experience coaching executives, managers, professionals, and teams. 

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