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Ascendant Leadership and Change Group (ALC) is a minority-owned firm that provides management consulting and education services to private, public, and non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to helping our clients:
  • Assess and understand the extent to which their culture, structure, competencies, and processes are consistent with their strategy and goals; and
  • Develop and implement actions, from training to organizational change efforts, which achieve results by aligning and strengthening these key performance components.
ALC was founded by Dr. Darrell L. Harvey after a long career of internal and external consulting with leading public and private sector organizations. Dr. Harvey is joined by a group of outstanding associates to form a talented and flexible team. While a young organization, ALC brings with it a wealth of expertise and experience to our clients.
Our team brings commitment, client focus, and results orientation to everything we do. We blend a practical understanding of what drives individual and organizational performance with extensive expertise in disciplines such as:
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology;
  • Organizational Development;
  • Adult Learning;
  • Organizational Communication;
  • Clinical Psychology;
  • Quality Management;
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and 
  • Public Administration and Policy


The name Ascendant was chosen because it reflects the journey to a better place for leaders, organizations, and communities.

We want to help them and their stakeholders rise to that place.


Speaks to the awareness of and belief in the possibilities ahead


A clear-eyed understanding of the present, including strengths, limitations, and the lessons from your failures/successes

Realized By

  • Commitment to the journey throughout its inevitable twists and turns 

  • Willingness to grow and adapt

  • Honest assessment of risks and rewards

  • Building authentic alliances along the way

Ascendance is not just defined by a specific outcome, but also by the inherent value of the journey.

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