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We help clients understand their organizations and environments and build their capacity to succeed. We utilize the services below to assist clients to clarify goals and issues and develop/implement effective solutions. Our services are leveraged in an integrated and practical way that maximizes impact while managing any operational intrusion. 


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Helping to build personal and organizational capabilities through the development and delivery of learning interventions, such as training or coaching, and or the implementation of learning aids  

Management and Employee Development

Assisting new or intact teams to clarify their goals, objectives, and processes in a manner that leads to mutual accountability and goal attainment 


Helping independent teams or organizations forge effective relationships that are built on mutual benefit, joint contributions, clear accountability, and collaborative processes

Strategic Partnership Development

Helping groups understand the root causes of conflict, and create an environment that leverages the substantive conflict that contributes to creativity and other positive outcomes while minimizing the detrimental effects of conflicts rooted in superficial sources

Conflict Management

Assisting organizations in the planning, instrument development, data gathering, analysis interpretation, and communication phases of evaluating their organization

Organizational Assessment

Assisting organizations with evidence-based change efforts  that promote ownership of the change, focused actions, and sustainable results

Change Management

Assisting organizations in evaluating and/or developing their communication, selection, feedback, development, appraisal, and/or career development systems and ensuring that these systems are aligned with, and strengthen, the organization's strategic goals, culture, and competencies

Performance and Career Management Systems 

Assisting clients to evaluate important organizational questions through the use of systematic, methodologically sound, yet practical research efforts, and to effectively interpret the implications for their organization. Our research assistance includes qualitative and quantitative primary research, as well as the summary and interpretation of secondary research.

Organizational Research

Assisting organizations to understand the dynamics, benefits, and challenges of workforce diversity and to develop the environment and capabilities that leverage diversity to support the goals of the organization, its members, and their customers

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Assisting organizations in developing proposals that have clarity and impact. We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly integrate into a proposal development effort, as well as the ability to provide around-the-clock services at "crunch time" in the proposal process

Proposal Development Support

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